Systemic Team Coaching Certificate Program (STCC)



Systemic Team Coaching Certificate Program

ICF ACSTH is a program accredited by EMCC Practitioner level, AC and Middlesex University.


If you want to become a systemic team coach and/or leader with a systems perpective to

  • coach your team for high performance
  • energize your team’s motivation
  • challenge your team out of comfort zone
  • focus your team on the big picture and the organziastion as a whole
  • coach your leaders to be a team coach
  • grow your and your team’s area of influence
  • develop effective network
  • proiritize strategic goals during change
  • understand and manage system dynamics
  • undersyand stakeholders dynamics

We invite you to to create more perspectives with a

broader view of the system

that you are coaching with AOEC Stcc by

John Leary Joyce.


Purely experiential

Based on

Peter Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model


Provides 360 Team Profile instrument certification

      Ongoing Supervision Support

A unique opportunity for you to…

  • Gain an understanding of the AoEC theory and practice of Systemic Team Coaching.
  • Learn about the inherently complex nature of Team Coaching in a Systemic Context.
  • Adopt a working definition of Teams and Team Coaching that you can test and utilise.
  • Review groups Vs teams distinctions and about how team coaching differs from other forms of team work.
  • Learn the Hawkins 5 Disciplines Model of team coaching
    • Commissioning
    • Clarifying
    • Co-Creating
    • Communicating
    • Core learning
  • Identify specific competencies to practice as a competent Team Coach that relate to each of the 5 Disciplines.
  • Study the implications of the coaching contract especially confidentially where the group is the boundary not the individual.
  • Examine a 360 Team Profile instrument.
  • Gain exposure to psychological lens’s or models to look at group functioning – Gestalt,

Psychodynamics, TA, CBC.

  • Focus on Self as Instrument – utilising physical senses, rational, intuition and body-sense as the ‘data collector’ and sense maker.
  • Have an insight into the depth of learning and practice that happens on the full 1 year Senior & Master Practitioner Diploma STC Programme

Structure of the workshop  

  • Provides rich didactic context in which we discuss and debate different aspect of team work and team coaching.
  • Uses business role-plays and simulations to evoke the experiences of working in/as a team
  • Facilitates exploration about the nature of Leadership and Followership both individual and collective through movement exercises.
  • Takes you through an experience of Sculpting and Constellations.
  • Is in a peer supervision group exploring a team you are working in/with using each of the Hawkins 5 Disciplines.
  • Works with our own large group process as a way of engaging live with the interpersonal dynamics and psychological models.

Dates and Venue:

10-11-12 January 2019

Cemile Sultan Korusu -Kandilli

Time: 9.30-17.00



I had the opportunity to have a broad view of the system. I believe that not only as a team coach but I will have a stronger understanding of the systems’ dynamics as an executive coach. The theory and the practice balance was so well designed that I could associate every point with my daily life thanks to toolbox and the framework

Ahmet Altılar / Deutche Bank

Systemic Team Coaching Certificate Program, hosted by Motiva International Training and Coaching Services, provided me with wins to understand the team dynamics, to clarify challenges, to create effective communication, and co-create solutions within the team. The content was very well simply framed which could have been very complicated. The program was designed to meet the needs of participants. John Leary-Joyce’s energetic and colorful style, combined with supports of his assistants Gamze Bayraktaroğlu and Evrim Cabbaroğlu created a powerful and entertaining environment. It is one of the the trainings that I had inspiration and tools to establish a sustainable change. Thank you.

Özlem Avşar Muslu / Hafele

The Systematic Team Coaching training was a great eye opener for me as an executive coaching Professional .It helps you develop skills and a new perspective within the coaching practice to understand the wider organisational needs and facilitate the change and collaboration needed to create effective Team Dynamics rather than individual or interpersonal Dynamics.

Leyla Spencer / Kienbaum

I need a systemic approach to simplify and clarify the awareness when working with teams in high compexity and diversity. STCC program exactly satisfied my need with its intrateam, interteam communication, stakeholder relations, team culture tools. I strongly recommend to team coaches and leaders who coaches in corporate environment.

Cenk Doğru / Change Management Consultant / Professional Coach&Mentor