I got more than what I expected to achieve. – All my thoughts are positive – The trainer was successful to deliver the messages. – It was a successful training. – Content was full and tools were practicle. I am equipped with lot of tools to apply at workplace. – It was super.

Accor Services / Training Manager

“The ‘Presentation Techniques Training’ was the only training that I participated in without missing a beat and losing attention during the two days. Both the content of the training and the actions of the trainers were parallel to what they communicated and they conveyed the topics very well using their communication skills successfully. – An awareness was created in terms of viewing myself, understanding my insufficiencies and weaknesses via individual feedbacks and we acquired information that can be immediately applied on our jobs. -Presentation is a process that does not stay on stage or on the podium but continues through out every phase in life. Therefore, we have acquired information that is crucial for the management of our perception in customer relations as well.”

Akbank Commercial Branch Managers

I thank Dave for facilitating the workshop. I got very positive feedback from the colleagues. Here some voices:

– It is very appreciated to have had such an opportunity
– Location was good, helped to open and focus
– Very fruitful workshop
– Very good guide by facilitator, which created an atmosphere of trust

B/S/H -Daniel Braun

With our trainer Emi Nevaro; we have had an awareness about different ego states, we have learned how to communicate from and with different ego states, how to present ourselves more effectively (body language, tone of voice, right words), and how to negotiate and convince others in a more assertive way. Those were the items I have benefited the most. This training was totally different from all other trainings I have attended; thanks to our trainer’s ability to maintain the focus of the participants and many visual aids used during the training, it was very interactive and full of fun. I believe the case studies helped a lot to attract participants’ attention and this was very experiential, so we have learned by doing not by listening.

This training was very beneficial in terms of self awareness and enhancement of communication skills. What we have learned is useful and effective in all aspects of life and the method of the training was interactive and very educative. Our trainer’s energy was great.

I love our trainer’s impressively positive energy and her character. It feels like she does not only lead the trainings and educate people about the contents but she also brings the theory into her life and practices those contents frequently.

I strongly recommend this training to other people because it focuses on the conflict management and decision processes which we experience all the time in corporate life. And once we put the theory presented during the training into practice, it becomes very useful.

I realised that some of my own behaviours which I thought was very normal in both my personal and business life was actually very wrong and needed to change. I realised that not having a magic stick to change other people’s characteristics and reactions is not a problem. In fact it is possible to change my own behaviours and my own reactions and by asking the right questions, it is possible to create purposeful meetings and conversations and to get the answers I am looking for.

I strongly recommend this training. The dynamism in the corporate life sometimes makes us forget that we are working with human beings and thanks to the methods presented in this training it becomes very easy to refocus and connect with the human factor in business life.

B/S/H Participants

“Your institution has made important contributions to our company’s strategic planning, team spirit, and motivation. You have worked with us and guided us in establishing our long-term plans and in developing the skills of our managers. You have contributed in assigning the direction of our work with content that was adapted for the group and with a fun presentation that conformed with their expectations. We are satisfied with the quality of service we received from you thanks to your own team work and understanding of responsibility.”

Dekon / Managing Partner

“I would like to let you know that this has been the training that has added the most value to me in real life among all the trainings I have ever taken. – The fact that you have spared a separate time for each one of us was especially very courteous of you. I wish you continued success and hope to meet you in future training sessions. – It has been a training well over my expectations. I noticed that the suggestions I had made in the training pre-survey, were taken note of. It has been a very useful training in terms of my personal development. – I thank the trainers for their respect for the subject and the training, their preparation, and their efforts to raise the quality. – It was all wonderful. Thank you. – I extend my gratitude to the training team, who has made it possible for me to take such a training. It was beneficial in terms of aligning the presentation with the objective, making sure that the desired message was conveyed appropriately, and increasing the role and effectiveness of the presenter. Giving one-to-one personal feedback was very positive. – It was an ultimately beneficial training. – It was one of the best trainings I attended until now. We did not stay on the theoretical side and were able to put things in to practice and we never lost our connection with the training. It was all very enjoyable. – I benefited greatly from the training in terms of information and culture. Endless thanks to the participants and the trainers. – It has been a very beneficial and productive training. We will not forget you and what you have taught us. – Thank you for the pluses you have added to our lives. It was much better than I had expected. – The prominent characteristic was the approach that attracted the viewers and allowed them to talk and comment. – I think it was a very colorful and enjoyable training. I thank everyone who contributed. – I was very satisfied with the training. – Especially, the trainers were successful and they kept the participants active all the time. Thanks. – We acquired information that will be helpful both in our private lives and business lives. We thank you for your contribution. – It has been great working with two trainers who were knowledgeable about presentation techniques and image. It was wonderful taking part in this training that contributed me with many things. Thanks for everything. – It is a very positive training in all aspects. Our trainers are perfect in every sense. I believe more employees should benefit from this training. Thank you very much. – Thank your for everything. – I would not be exaggerating if I said that this was the best one among the training programs I have attended throughout so many years.”

Dogus Automotive Participants

“The ‘Creative Thinking Training’ is a useful training that helps understand the concept of creativity and learn the techniques that facilitate thinking flexibly. Motivation is increased and the training is a success due to the trainer’s good command of the subject and her style that makes learning easier.”

Eczacıbaşı Holding, Training and Development Management

“I must point out that during the course of time, Mentorship Training has made great contributions in terms of my relations with my own team, to the way I express my expectations from them, and for them to understand me more accurately.”

“Working with you throughout the Mentorship Trainings has helped me inter-associate many anticipations, behavior styles, and forethoughts I possess, as well as understand that some of my behaviors I thought to be right were in deed wrong. Thank you for your contribution.”

“I believe the training I have received to be immensely beneficial in terms of conveying my knowledge and experience to counselees and guiding them. I also take pleasure as I see the outcomes. I feel I have especially developed myself in asking deep and powerful questions, however, that I still have way to go in using intuition.”

“I would like to state that the one-on-one mentorship program we have conducted together has been very successful and that I have had important gains, which I can benefit from not only in business but also in social life.”

Eureko Insurance / Asistant General Managers

“Training sessions were custom-designed for us in line with our expectations and requirements. Besides, thanks to the successful bridge of communication that our trainer has built with the participants, tools become a part of daily life, in internalizing the trainings, and in putting them to practice.”

Garanti Bankası / Human Resources

“The trainers should be applauded standing. We thank them. – It has been a training that I will utilize in every department of my life. Thanks. – Bringing together presentation techniques and perception management has been very effective. I learned a lot. – I saw traits that I wasn’t aware I had. I will implement what I have learnt. – It has been very useful noticing the importance of the perception we create for customers and seeing that it can be managed. – Both trainers were in command of the subject and in harmony with each other. – It will impact my job positively.” “The training was extremely enjoyable and beneficial. Our trainer, Ms. Bayraktaroğlu, was very successful in her field. In my opinion, it is an extremely useful training. I can especially recommend it to regional directors. – What is coaching? How should it be? Which processes does it include? I obtained clear answers to those questions. – Although personal development is one of my personal fields of interest and I have read plenty of books on the subject, I can state that this training has created an extra awareness in me in terms of professional outlook. – I believe we have benefited from the presentation style and the extensive knowledge of the trainer as a class. – I can state that the trainer’s attitude, presentation, and approach to questions were very well and professional. – It was one of those trainings I was extremely satisfied with. I found it very useful. – It was superb. I believe the same training on Coaching by the same trainers should be given at once to all our branch managers. – Training duration and content were in line with our expectations. – I believe it was a successful training in terms of directing processes with a new perspective. I believe team managers must absolutely take this training. – I think the training is very useful. It is a training that should be mandatory for regional directors and if possible, it should be given at the beginning of their assignments. However, it is important that the practical implementation is conducted and followed up on. In this view, also with the help of the team, Ms. Bayraktaroğlu has prepared a structure that follows up on the matter. – Ms. Bayraktaroğlu is knowledgeable and experienced on the subject. She communicates nicely. She gave fine illustrations, too. I did not have any negative impressions. In brief, this is a must-have training I would especially recommend for regional directorship.“

Garanti Bankası Participants

Serkan Özdemir was an active trainer and a great presenter. He managed to keep our attention high by his energy and his up to date examples….. He is very competent in the subject. He has a strong communication capability….. Clever, experienced and sincere….. The knowledge and presentation style of the trainer is great. It was a beneficial training.

Muge Suntur kept us energetic and inclusive, by facilitating the contribution of all of us. I am working at this company, and giving trainings from time to time. As a trainer, I can say that this is one of the best trainings I have ever had….. Generally at this kind of trainings, my concentration is low and I think about some other issues. But this time, I was totally here and contributed to the training like other attendees. I already have my action plan to implement immediately. ….The exercises that we made, gave me the chance to see myself about stress. I have some tips to apply now. I haven’t thought that I could be able to use them before I attended the training. But now, I am aware of the things that I can do….. This is the 4th training I have on this same subject. I can definitely tell that this is the best I had until now. Thank you.

Henkel Participants

The trainer was so energetic and didn’t let us run out of steam. Her examples were very satisfying.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

The trainer is so good, has full knowledge of  the subject and very helpful via the examples. She also encouraged participation of the class.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

Being full knowledge of the subject, very useful practical examples, energetic and encouraging participation.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

The trained managed the participation so good. She has full knowledge of the subject. She provided us the chance of participation.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

The trainer encouraged participation of the whole class and emphasized on the important issues.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

The trainer has comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Experienced. Energetic. She encouraged participation very well.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

The trainer’s communication with the participants was so good and she harmonized with the class so quickly. And this situation affected the whole training in a positive way.

Henkel Change Management Training Participants

“Our needs were accurately identified and the pre-research and the preparations conducted prior to the training have successfully served the development of our employees with effective content and presentation. The post-training follow-up and tracking system was supported with coaching practices which resulted in an increase in our employees’ contribution to their jobs. The training has majorly helped our participating colleagues in creating self-awareness, in reflecting their strengths onto their jobs, and in improving their weaker aspects. It has also helped in establishing an effective understanding of the customer and of service.“

İKEA / Service Operation Manager

“The content and the presentation of Coaching in Management Training, the skills and command of the expert, the effectiveness of the implementation and examples have helped us gain an objective outlook on ourselves. The increase in awareness and the manifestation of potential characteristics following the training, have allowed the emergence of different perspectives. The trainer has succeeded in making the program enjoyable with her positive presentation.”

İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital / HR Manager

“We thank you very much for the high performance you have displayed as the presenter at the Creative Thinking Techniques training held in Istanbul on May 17-18 and May 29-30 and the comprehensive content you have prepared for this training. As expressed by the written and oral evaluations of our participants, there is great interest in continuing with the training sessions. We hope you will continue to contribute to our business in the future as well and wish you success.”

İş Bankası Training Management

“Gamze has a fantastic ability to work with people and get the best out them. She has a real talent for understanding what the team requires and supporting the participants to deliver.”

Junior Chamber International / Adam Woodhall, Founder and CEO of PeopleProfitPlanet, JCI UK’s Most Outstanding Trainer, 2006 and JCI Europe’s Most Outstanding President, 2006.

“It is a great opportunity and joy to work with Motiva International. The team drew a very good road map for us at the ‘Leadership Project’ on which we worked together. However, more importantly, the primary privileges in working with Motiva was that they could renew the project towards requirements, create the circumstances which bring out the potential in people, encourage the participants, and prepare development plans. While working with Motiva team, you both learn a lot and obtain the chance to better see your own potential. They focus their energy, presence, knowledge, and experience on you in such a way that you become their sole focus. Motiva is a rare training company which is so open to novelty, has no limits, makes the best of what they do, makes you experience what coaching means and allows you to question, is humble and at peace with themselves. Great to have them as a vendor…

Mars Entertainment / HR Manager

“The success of our continued program can primarily be linked to the personalized focus topics, the sincerity of one-to-one training, to the openness and environment of trust. The most important factor in creating this environment are the absolute and uncompromising commitment to the principles of confidentiality and trust and the fact that the conversations and the action plans formulated during the training were not shared with anybody. Of course, one must not forget the qualities of the trainers and the openness of Schott Orim employees to change. “

Schott Orim / General Manager

“For us, all our employees are leaders. Some of them are the leaders of their jobs and some, of their teams… With this perspective, in 2013, we put to practice the Corio Turkey Leadership Development Program (Lead A Ship) prepared with Motiva Training and Coaching Services and of course, with our valued trainera and consultants. We came to believe that it would be more beneficial for us to encourage each of our managers to discover his/her own leadership model within the framework of CORIO Values and Rules of Conduct and Leadership Model instead of formulating and imposing a standard leadership model. The program was put into practice with applications from well-respected institutes and the trends of the business world. Design, pre-field work, personal learning platforms, homework, in-class training, leadership presentations, follow-up, measurement and evaluation, promotion… We continue to conduct all stages of a development program successfully and in collaboration.”

Klepierre / HR Manager

“We met Motiva during the mentorship training which was a part of the ‘Talent Management System’ that was very recently effectuated in our company. Our trainer Dear Ms. Bayraktaroğlu helped us go through two very rewarding days with her command of the subject, her skill set, and her soothing tone of voice. One of the most valuable pieces of information that stayed with us was that what matters in Mentorship is building trust and sincerity. During the trainings, we had fun workshops that allowed us to build these emotions. I must also underline her supportive and constructive sharing following the training. So much so that, during the second phase of our system, we turned to Motiva once more based on the feedback from our mentees. We thank her for contributing in making this training a part of our normal lives and not just that of our business lives.”

Servier / Human Resources

“Both the theoretical and the practical information provided during the training was satisfactory. The participants were given the opportunity to put the topic into practice with role plays and exercises. I believe they can easily implement what they have learned here in their business environment.”

Siemens/ Human Resources

“As Tekfen Group, we think that even though the training topic was condensed in terms of time and coverage upon request, it has been very beneficial for people at the management level such as ourselves.”

Toros Chemistry /Deputy General Manager

It was such a nice thing to get this training from a nice, kind and polite person like you. Your equally treatment to each participant, sincereness and your presentation without using slides helped us to understand everything better. . I think Self Leadership Training is a kind of training which everybody should get because through this, humanity can understand each other better. I already think that after this training, I’ve become a much more respected person and I am proud of that.

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

I can say that this training created awareness about myself. First of all, I have realised that I am the obstacle for everything I couldn’t achieve or everthing that I claimed that I could not achieve. Then I started to question why I did prevent myself. I found out that the reeason was my fears and my low motivation. And I understood that I should not over estimate these obstacles. Maybe I could not stop them immediately, but thanks to this training, my iner motivation increased. To sum up, you helped us to have the awareness in order to become leader of our lives.

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

In your training, especially your presentation style without slides helped me concentrate. In addition your energy and sincerity merging with your experience, helped the participants to come together. I think it was so useful for us.

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

I have a general prejudice towards self development books and trainings. Because I used to think if there is a Formula for success or happiness, everybody would be happy and successful. Your way of teaching was so fun that I did not want to miss a thing. It was really not type of “do this, do that” training. Instead it was really guiding. I recommend this training to everybody.

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

Self leadership training was so satisfying and efficient. Moreover, our trainer Canan gives a novel touch to the training with her sharings through her experience in an interactive way. During this 2 day training you have a deep and intensive awareness about yourself. In addition, you enjoy the training through a non-classic presentation. You should attend this training if you want to understand how you should change yourself in order to lead yourself.

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

I did attend a self leadership training before but your training was so impressive form me. We did learn what we should change and how to change. Your way of telling and interactive style which embraces all participants helped us a lot. I want to thank you for such a good training and hope to meet you in another training again..

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

In this self leadership training, I did get the awareness which helps met o see everyday events in a different way. For example, I realised the thinking mistakes I do unwittingly, the advantages of turning point of interests into effectiveness, understanding my motivations better and how to keep them high and I am trying to integarate to my daily life…

Turk Telekom – Self Leadership Participants

It was an excellent training. – It is possible to feel bored towards the end of the two-day sessions but it was a very fluent and interactive training. – The expertise of the trainers can’t be praised enough. – The approach and the applications by the trainers were very positive. – The part where individual presentations were made and critiqued one by one, was extremely helpful. That way we were able to see and examine the most crucial points of the presentations perceptibly. – This training did not only include information that I will be using in presentations, but it was also filled with information that can determine my stance in the business environment as well as in my private life. – The trainers were very successful in establishing communication. – The adaptation and the examples were very successful. – I received the answer to the question of how I can best express myself. – It would have been more productive if we had some more time. – This training is where I learned how I can make an effective presentation. – It was very useful that the examples were about current issues and the business world. – Listening to the trainers give their positive/negative comments following the presentations was great and the way they expressed our deficiencies was very successful. – The training was very successful. I think it should be continued to be given in the same format. – The training was useful in terms of behavior models I can use in every department of life. Thank you. – In general, I enjoyed the training very much. It was absolutely wonderful. – I enjoyed the part where the footage that revealed our positive and negative sides was displayed. It is not always possible to find together and encounter such valuable trainers. – I believe this training has contributed in new ways to me. – I felt very close to the trainers. And for that reason, I was able to identify my deficiencies. – It was a very successful training. I enjoyed every moment. – The closeness of the trainers was a great advantage. – The trainers have unbelievably positive and understandable personalities. It was a successful training. – The applications and examples were very successful. – The duration could have been longer. – It was useful that the trainers told about their experiences in former trainings. – Both trainers made clearly constructive comments. They encouraged us to talk. – The topics were presented in a well-formulated order. – It was quite a successful training. – Each part of the two-day training was a different joy. Both trainers had good command of the topic. – They mentioned even our negative sides with a very encouraging language. – They shared their experiences very nicely. – The part where presentations were made, was very enjoyable. – During the two days, I acquired great knowledge that I will be using both in my job and my private life. – It was an excellent training.”

Vodafone Participants