Cultural Intelligence Assessment and Workshop

Offered for the first time in Turkey by Dave Harbath under authorization of

The Cultural Intelligence Center.

Are you ready to find out a key differences between individuals and organization that succeed in today’s globalized, multicultural world and those that fail?

The CQ assessment is the only academically validated, and globally accepted tool to assess, predict, and develop Cultural Intelligence.

Discovering your global potential through the Developing Your Cultural Intelligence Workshop™ is designed to help individuals work more effectively across national, ethnical, and organizational cultures.

The workshop equips participants to improve their Cultural Intelligence or CQ in light of their CQ Assessment results as a key success factor in today’s global, multicultural world. Through a combination of this facilitative, dynamic, and experiential CQ Workshop, and their CQ Assessment, participant gain self-awareness into their own cultural orientation as well as the four CQ capabilities; CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy, and CQ Action. And at the end are equipped with a personal roadmap for continuous CQ improvement.

Included in the workshop is an introduction to the cultural intelligence model and research with a heavy emphasis on it’s day-to-day intercultural situations. Participants receive examples and best practices for using cultural intelligence as they work across boarders and interact on multicultural teams, or as they manage internal and external projects and relationships.

Participants will receive:

• CQ Pro Self-Assessment and feedback report
• Copy of Expand Your Boarders
• Job Aids and Case Study for practical application

The goal of the workshop is to:

• Increase self-awareness of the role of culture upon one’s role
• Increase understanding of global cultural values
• Know how to develop and apply cultural intelligence at work and beyond
• Improve effectiveness working with culturally diverse colleagues and customers
• Improved capability in building trusting relationships across cultures.
• Effective decision making in culturally-diverse environments
• Increase capability to influence and negotiate across culture
• Learn how to adapt authentically to culturally-diverse situations