A good business model is not always sufficient per se to reach the business goals, but also may be more so on the underlying business culture. A corporate culture that can be ”explained and understood effectively” helps employees to focus their energies on business results rather than the problems in their relationships.  In corporations where conflicts, disagreements and finger-pointing are often seen, it is overly optimistic to hope to reach the full potential.

This project is designed to establish an effective communication culture within the organization, create effective communication channels, convey valuable debate models, promote rational solutions over emotional ones, and improve quick cooperative decision-making.

In order to form an effective basis for relationship management, our project consists of three steps of training and group coaching through a holistic approach.

In our methodology, we offer

  • Experiential learning
  • Implementation of practical tools useful for daily life
  • Practices that help an individual to question and thereby discover themselves
  • Awareness creation on an individual and team basis using inventory applications
  • Team practices
  • In-class and remote support practices
  • Interim work
  • On-the-job projects
  • Peer Learning
  • Webinars
  • Additional active learning methods

The modules are designed to increase development in stages and help participants to carry their new learnings out to their work life.

The design consists of indoor and outdoor activities of work practices to help immediately implement the program material in the workplace.

Trust in Relationships

1 day workshop

Certainly, there is a level of confidence required in each relationship. This module provides participants with the necessary tools and skills for defining trust in relationships, approaching relationships strategically, giving effective feedback, being assertive, understanding differences, establishing clear uniform goals, and being transparent with each other.

Developing Emotionally Intelligent Relations

2 days workshop

We live in an era where emotional intelligence (EQ) plays as significant a part as that of analytical intelligence (IQ). This module provides participants with the necessary tools and skills to recognize, understand, and manage their own and others’ emotions.

Conflict Management

2 days workshop 

Conflict is a good thing as long as we can channel it in the right direction. It is an opportunity that can create value if handled in a constructive manner. In today’s world, conflict and different opinions offer a critical value for innovation. This module provides participants with the necessary tools and skills to approach conflict constructively, focus objectively on business goals, and convert disagreements into profitable gains